Friday, April 24, 2009

Truthful Crime

Pardon me, Sir.
For the truth I've spoken.
Unlocking the big solid door,
of a closet full of skeleton.

Pardon me,Sir.
For being honest.
Perhaps it's the way God created me,
to be naive and earnest.

Pardon me,Sir.
For being brave.
Brave enough to face the unpleasant truth,
although it may lead me to the grave.

Pardon me,Sir.
For not having the tongue of a snake.
That splits into two,
telling true stories that are fake.

Pardon me,Sir.
For not being deceitful.
I am a child who listens to her mother,
who's mother's word are always be honest and truthful.

Pardon me,Sir.
For being wise.
To be able to see the macabre and terror,
lead by the plain while lies.

Pardon me,Sir.
For not wanting to lie.
A coward, is not how I want to be remembered,
to be written on my tombstone the day I die.

7 screams:

Mrs. Turner said...

i demand you to put my name on the fuckin list!


[c.d.a.]♥caca said...

hey this is really really good!
stanza one is my fav :)

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

"to say the things that I truly feel,

and not the words of one who kneel,

the recods show, i took the blow,

and did it, MY WAY"

- Frank Sinatra, My Way

Lily Cartina said...

to faigah : your wish is my command. heee..

to caca : thank u!

to hosni : awesome dude. *smile*

C.E.@ said...

aku suka dendang barat tp aku tak pandai buat, so aku seronok baca hasil kamu sang bunga..


Lily Cartina said...

thank you.hee..

Anonymous said...

dayum niggas!