Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journey for a Cookie

It is not easy
to make a yummy cookie
The roads are quite long and winding
and can be very rocky

First I mix the ingredients
to make the perfect dough
Added a little too much flour
the cookie became hard to the core

But I was determined
didn't let go of the spatula
Added the eggs, butter, and flour in a bowl
I forgot, we were out of sugar

They say third time is a charm
Thus, I gave another go
Took a break to the loo for a second
A dirty cockroach crawled on my dough

Got the mixture right
Boy, I was so glad
But a dog knocked over the bowl
Spoil the dough and got me sad

Took a long deep breath
Prayed that God was with me
Shivers and tears gone in a blink
In my hand is my dear Cookie <3

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