Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beauty Discriminated

Some starve to death,
in order to be thin.
Some vomit out,
until they are all bones and skin.

Stop the lies,
Stop discriminating beauty
Stop making girls feel worthless,
just because they don't look like Heidi

As a matter of fact,
no one does.
those so called beauty,
are mostly air brush.

Smile girls.
We are all beautiful.
Be happy girls.
We are all wonderful.
Don't be sad girls.
There is so much more to you.
You are most beautiful girls.
When you are sincerely you.

2 screams:

*Cornflake Girl* said...

Thank you for your words.
You're terribly right!
I think all world should think as you do. Every girl is beautiful in her way, but often none of them is able to understand that thing because of the stupid people around them.
...great job!

Lily Cartina said...

Thank you. :-)
God created us equally and we should appreciate instead of discriminate. :-)